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USA Classic Cars and Muscle Cars for Sale

Do you want to

buy a USA or European Classic Car?

Do you want to buy an American classic car or Muscle Car, but you have no idea what is possible or which model you like? We are there to help! At our showroom you will find a very large inventory of US Classic Cars, American Muscle Cars, and European Classic Cars for sale. From Chevrolet Corvette to Ford Mustang and from Convertible to Pickup Truck. You will find all these classic cars at RD Classics!

We are specialized in US Classic Cars and European collector cars. Most of our classic cars for sale are imported from the USA. We have many brands for sale Buick, Chrysler, Cadillac, Ford, Chevrolet, Lincoln and Pontiac.

We’ve got a huge showroom, and there is always a classic car for sale for you.

Visit our showroom or keep an eye on our website voorraad online.